Canadian Mortgage Experts is proud to have placed first for both Top 20 Monthly Revenue and Top 20 Mortgages Funded Monthly in January of 2018. These acknowledgements are proof that CME is a collection of the most profitable and professional brokers in the country. We believe that when we put our client’s needs first, we’re rewarded with their trust, which leads to referrals, which leads to more profitable business opportunities. This belief seems to be proving true as we’re proud to say that we’ve been the top DLC Brokerage in Canada for the last 6 years. These January numbers are a great start in making it 7 years in a row. 

Thanks to all the CME brokers who make this company what it is, and to all our clients who trust us to assist them with some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives! 

Brace yourself for the glorious certificates to follow. Expect to see a list of the top brokers at CME next week. 

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