Admittedly, the title of this article is rather dry, but despite that, you are here anyway, well done! So if you have been paying attention to the recent government intervention in the mortgage industry, this is an excellent resource for you. DLC President Gary Mauris originally published this on the DLC website here, we are proud to include this concise and well worded report on the CME Blog.

The following submission is in response to the Standing Committee on Finance’s comprehensive study of issues surrounding the Canadian residential real estate market; the impact of the housing market on the Canadian Financial System and challenges surrounding access to residential home ownership.

You may also wish to view this 15 minute video summary from nearly four hours of testimony on January 30th to see how our brief was referenced and to see just how the Committee is working through the input from the public, other Government agencies and the mortgage industry.

Here is a copy of that report in it’s entirety. 

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance

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